Thanks. Here are my 2c on how to spot propaganda:

- endless repetition

- triggers emotions

- easy to understand

- free or unusually cheap

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Great to hear from you and Merry Christmas. This is where my focus is now - to reach the minds of those who have been manipulated by propaganda machine. Many of them are smart and kind people, but it is still very hard to make realize that they have been mass-manipulated.

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Good luck with that. I've kinda given up on it, but have invested quite a bit of time and energy. I'm not very good at communication, so I'd best stick to data analysis. ;)

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The power of propaganda is in slowly eating away at people's freedoms through legislation - like the metaphor of the boiling frog; taking decades or generations.

If a free country turned totalitarian overnight, the drastic contrast between propaganda and reality would leave most people aghast.

The response to the people's resistance in the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China was to eliminate the resistance, including mass killings of their own citizens during peacetime.

The propaganda from gradual Socialism (so-called "soft-totalitarianism") is of the same essence and with the same final objective as its violent form ("hard-totalitarianism").

We saw the shadows of this evil over and over these past few years: the idea of the “common good”. An attempt to convince people to sacrifice their individual freedoms. Equality of outcome is a primary goal for socialist countries, and in order to achieve that goal, they deprive people of their freedom in the name of progress.

The gradual transition from Socialism to Communism is a continual stripping of individual rights. Marxist-Leninist theory even states "Socialism is simply Communism’s preliminary stage. "

Instead of obtaining equality of outcome via legislation, Socialism attacks moral values and fundamental "human-ness". Here, in the West, socialist-thought uses pretexts like anti-discrimination,” “political correctness”, and the social-justice progressive ideology of diversity and so-called ‘reverse discrimination’.

Pushing beyond that, on a global scale, Communism attempts to infect its ideology within the political systems and to undermine nation-states and establishing a global ruling body.

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