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Thanks - that's some great info - I already did my nomination for the incredible Det. Helen Grus. I like how they spelled Sarturday on the poster! LOL I hope it helps but I'm starting to believe that we have to take actual action, rather than protesting which seems to get us nowhere at all. I guess it's a place to meet like-minded people and to organize on the ground, away from A.I. interlopers.

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This is why I wrote https://ivim.substack.com/p/come-to-support-your-neighbour-in

Petitions and demonstrations are good for raising awareness, but it is through legal actions that justice can be upheld, victims of unlawful measures can be vindicated, and democracy can be restored. This was recently exemplified by the court rulings on the Illegality of the Emergency Act in Canada and the Illegality of Vaccine Mandates in New Zealand.

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Yes, I'm aware of that and it's crucial, for sure.

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