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Thanks Dmitry. I have watched the video. Of course it makes me want to remove all the wireless options in my house. Most is wired, but I do use a wireless speaker so I can keep listening as I move away from the desktop.

Yes, it will remove the daily conveniences. We have to decide on whether we want to go back to the state of things pre wireless tools. Thing is, now it's out will it ever be taken down? Yes, we managed for most of our existence without fridges and washing machines etc. Can we imagine life without these simple gadgets, would we accept the inconvenience of having to go back to the old ways? One cannot miss what one never had - the other side of the coin is a very hrd path to tread.

I am also grateful for living in the middle of nowhere, though of course even here there are the regular mobile telecomm's masts blasting us continuously. Luckily the local town has not yet got the 5g masts and will be low on priority as the population is only about 2k. Once 5g does come it will spell the death knell of my visits to urban centres, not that I go much. I dread to think of the effects on the majority of populations living and working in the microwave radiation soup.

Thanks again.

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