We develop tools to analyze and visualize Open Canada Data.  Much of such data is available, including on COVID-19 and vaccination, but not much of it is used. We aim at addressing  this gap.  - Instead of learning about the data and "evidence" from third parties,  we believe, Canadians should be able to see the data, and all evidence provided by the data,  first hand - directly from the source. Contemporary data science and virtualisation tools are truly amazing. It's time to make good use of them for Canada and Canadians! 

The development of these tools is done under the lead of Dr. Dmitry Gorodnichy - a Senior Data Scientist, who worked for over twenty years with the Government of Canada, and who has now chosen to defend unbiased data science and to support the impacted by the Vaccination Mandates Canadians, over the comfort of the Public Servant paychecks and benefits.
You can see what we have done so far here: www.IVIM.ca.

We hope that you will find this newsletter helpful in making the informed decision on the subject.

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If you are not sure what this IVIM newsletter or IVIM tools are about, below are a few recent posts, and one of the graphs automatically generated from official Canada data:

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All IVIM tools and newsletter are developed for free to use by everyone.
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We are also looking for volunteers to edit videos and texts, organize public presentations, and to do more data analysis (if you are familiar with any data processing tools). Please contact us at dg@ivim.ca, if interested.

Feedback and questions are also very welcomed and can be emailed to dg@ivim.ca.

Full disclosure:

I received my COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer) as soon as it was made available for general public in Canada (in May 2021), consciously believing that this was the right thing to do - to protect myself, my family and my community.

Also, in all past elections, I voted for Liberals.

By looking at the data now, I’m not sure anymore about either of these…

If you are Ontario resident or resident of any other municipality or country that provides democratic means to elect the government, please make sure that you elect the government that will support you in exercising your right to make an informed decision on whether to be vaccinated (with yet another dose COVID-19 vaccine) or not.
In Ontario, the only two parties who openly support citizen’s right for making such a decision and who oppose forced vaccination are Ontario party and Blue party. They do not the same level of funding as Green, NDP or Conservative parties, so you may not see many of their signs on the streets. But please do consider voting for either of them (If you are not sure which, please vote for Ontario party, as it currently has higher poll ranking).

Alternatively, you can ask your candidate (regardless to which which Party s/he belongs): “Will you oppose forced vaccination?” and record the answer. It could help you later, if next time you prefer not to get jabbed again with yet another dose.