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My background is here: www.gorodnichy.ca

Some of the work I’ve done to help communities with my data science, analytic and linguistic skills is here: www.IVIM.ca

Why I+V+I=M ?

Originally, it stood for Intelligent Vision Interfaces Machines. which I invented and helped to develop when I worked at the National Research Council of Canada, using my training in AI, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

Then, it stood for Independently Verified Information Machines, which I started developing, using my new data science skills, to make better use of the growing amount of various Open Data.

Now, it simply stands for the visual illusion IVI = M, which I can rephrase as following: “Sometime what you see is different from what it actually is”.

Having close ties with friends and relatives on different sides of the growing divide -here in Canada (where I live and work now) as well as there in USSR, Ukraine, Russia (where I lived and studies before) - allows me to see the what’s going from different perspectives. What I’m trying to do is to create a place - this newsletter - where all such perspectives can be safely shared, so that we all can better understand each other, while promoting democracy, tolerance and critical thinking.

Don’t hesitate to share your comments/ideas - either publicly (in Comments) or privately (by contacting me at ‘dg AT ivim.ca’)


Dmitry Gorodnichy

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Bringing people together by providing different perspectives on what is happening in Ukraine, Russia, and Canada - my three home-lands, with occasional music and poetry from my heart.


Dr. Dmitry Gorodnichy
Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, studied in Moscow, Russia, now living Ottawa, Canada, Data Scientist by training (Ph.D. in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics)