It should be possible in a democratic country to find and defend the truth! - This is what I'm trying to do, sharing occasionally poetry and songs coming from the heart.

Bringing people together by providing different perspectives on what is happening in Ukraine, Russia, and Canada - my three home-lands, with occasional music and poetry from my heart…

Who ?
(Anthem for the new generation)
By Dmitry Gorodnichy

Who can tell me the truth?
Who can show me the way? 
Who can bring from the darkness
A ray of hope and brighten my day? 

Who can help ease my mind, 
Face with a smile ups and downs? 
Who can remain calm and kind 
Despite heavy storms that are raging around?

Who can I hear the music 
That I compose every night?
Who has wisdom and courage 
To say what is wrong and to do what is right?


Another day’s gone, gone forever.
A beautiful present wrapped in autumn leaves 
Was given to me and once again left unopened. -
No one was saved, no one was set free. 

I saw in my dreams there is a land far from here, 
Where people are governed not by money but love. 
Who can show me the way how to get there 
To this happy land I've been dreaming of? 

I'm ready to start a new journey. 
And leave all the comfort and worries behind. 
Hey, who is there willing to join me 
In search of the answers that are so hard to find?


Who could give me a hug? 
Who can look straight into my eyes, 
Not from the holes in a mask, 
Not from the screen of an electronic device? 

Who can go with me for a walk
To watch the sunset and the stars shining bright? 
Who can hold my hand and allow me to talk 
So I can let out everything that is burning inside? 

Love is stronger than fear 
Trust has more value than gold. 
Who can bring it back, have the good news to share ? 
Who can think for themselves, not what they’ve been told? 


Who can speak up for the others 
Who have no voice anywhere, 
Who suffer in silence, 
Losing hope, falling into despair? 

Who won't allow this to happen? 
Who can discern evil from good? 
Who will lead by example 
Helping the helpless like everyone should?

Who is ready to stand up
And let the healing begin? 
Who will defy propaganda?
Will open the windows and let the fresh air in?

Maybe it’s you?


Poem performed by the author:

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The story behind the song

In April 2023, I have finished the poem I’ve been working on for several months.
It’s about everything I’ve been feeling about over the past few years….

Full story - with supporting official statistics data - is on the “Who can tell me the truth?” Portal:

About the author

Who am I?

I am a Canadian data scientist of Ukrainian origin, whose mother tongue is Russian, but who also uses in his everyday life Ukrainian, French and English, has two Ph.D.s degrees, both in AI (one in Math - from Ukrainian Ac.Sc in Kyiv. and another one in Computing science), writes poetry, composes music and thinks what he can do to help his community, country and the world.

I started writing this substack in April 2022, when things started looking really grim - both in Ukraine and Canada. Substack allowed me to find a new purpose for my skills and my life

Why I+V+I=M ?

Originally, it stood for Intelligent Vision Interfaces Machines. which I invented and helped to develop when I worked at the National Research Council of Canada, using my training in AI, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. See to learn more. This is also why I have the portal, which was created back in 2007 and which is now repurposed to support various community projects - to help people help each other.

Then, it stood for Independently Verified Information Machines, which I started developing with my colleagues in the fall of 2021 as part of our data science training in effort to make better use of the growing amount of various Open Data, including on the topics that were of highest interest to everyone. See to learn more.

Now, it simply stands for the visual illusion IVI = M, which I can rephrase as following: “Sometimes what you see (or what you are told) is different from what it actually is”. In other words: Think for yourself, Distinguish News gathering from Propaganda, remain true to your values and who you are.

Since March 2023, this newsletter is renamed to “Who (can tell me the truth)?” inline with the poem and the song that I have composed from “everything that is burning inside”.

Disclaimer: Everything that is posted in this newsletter represents author's own opinion and experiences and in no way can be perceived as representing the views, opinions of any government, academic or industry organization. For the same reason, I’m not showing my name in this newsletter, my the initials only, however you’ll be able to see my name by following any of the links abobec

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It should be possible in a democratic country to defend the truth! This is what I'm trying to do as Data Scientist who developed Canada Mortality Tracker App and someone who lived in the USSR, sharing occasionally my poetry and songs. See: